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Sup all

Now i have a lot more time for artwork and YouTube videos now my exams are over and i have graduated from my secondary school so im writing this journal entry talking on what im working on and whats planned.

Ok firstly over the course of the next few weeks and months my art will take a very dark turn as i will start working on several "collages" of videogame creepy-pasta beginning with pokemon lost silver, which is pretty creepy to begin with, and maybe ending the creepypasta art with a certain luigi's mansion myth we all know!

At the moment im currently in the work of my lost silver piece right now and beginning another certain infamous pokemon C-P we all probably dont know.

Anyway hope all the 8 or less people who view my work like it when its out and....well...yeah!

Peace out all


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Liam park
United Kingdom
Hey my name is liam but just know me as jonas/Shadowdarkrai

Im 17 years old and live in the uk.
Im also very eager to make friends quick but dont be too annoying.

I am well known for delaying quite a lot of stuff and since i have no website, i decided to link my crummy youtube channel.

Thanks and have fun

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Smeg2294 Mar 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ok im a Dynasty warrior fan and :D

i was looking for DW Creepypastas :D

I know you are into them plllllleeeeeaaassssseeeee make one for me :D

thank you so much ~
i dont think a dynasty warriors creepypasta would work to be honest, im sorry but i cant think of any good stuff i could use without the overuse of cliches
Smeg2294 Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:3 hm....ok
You haven't posted anything in quite a while =P
I know dude i have been busy with a lot of stuff and im focusing more on youtube rather than here but i am thinking of some lost silver fan-art or luigi's mansion hanging shadow art for the future
Happy Birthday you spanglyweff!
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